Just get the damned shot!

Hospitals throughout the Chicago area have been closing down their emergency rooms because of the influx of patients with the flu. I think it’s ridiculous that a) people go to the emergency room for influenza – there’s nothing the docs can do about it – and b) these idiots didn’t get the flu vaccine. Yes, I’ve read the articles that claim it’s not effective or it’s just guesswork or there’s not enough evidence it works or…blah, blah, blah. Every vaccine has its naysayers. I haven’t had the flu even once in the 9 years I’ve been getting the vaccine, and I live in the heart of Chicago, surrounded by tourists bringing their germs from the woods they live in and the rocks they crawl out from under and not washing their hands after they shit. Just a little while ago, the clerk at the grocery store handed my change back to me after coughing into his hand. He was probably coming down with the flu.

And in Chicago, flu shots are free. The only logical excuse not to get one is an allergy to one of the components of the vaccine – and that’s only happened 26,000 times out of hundreds of millions of vaccines administered since 1991.