Never too old

I’ve just discovered Carambola, a.k.a. star fruit. I saw these little things in the grocery store for the first time the other day and picked up a couple. Google told me the entire fruit is edible, so I sliced it and fell in love. Kind of like a combination of tart apple and pear, but unique. Of course, it was after I ate it that I read further and discovered I should have let it ripen – mine was dark green instead of yellow. I’ll let the other one ripen before eating it and see what the difference is.


One thought on “Never too old”

  1. Surprised they have such fruit in the Midwest. Proves how amazing our food supply really is in this country. I’ve been eating star fruit for years, but its easy to come accustomed to having farmers markets year long & other such luxuries like star fruit. Glad to see your horizon grow a bit more. I’d like to see your fellow Louisianians munch on some “exotic devil” fruit like that…

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