My new favorite app

shazamCan’t tell you how many times I’ve heard a song in a store or a bar and wondered who was singing. I frequently have to ask, and I sometimes feel stupid when I hear the answer. (“That’s Madonna, dumbass.” “Oh.”) Then yesterday a friend showed me a free app called Shazam on his iPhone. I love this app! Just tap the screen, it listens using your microphone, and seconds later, up pops the name of the song and singer (with the option to buy, of course). Just don’t talk while it’s trying to identify a song – it picks up everything through that microphone.

Friday Flotsam

This lady racked up over $100,000 in unpaid parking tickets for a car her [now ex-] boyfriend abandoned in an O’Hare employee parking lot. Why didn’t the city just tow the damn car? Someone was being stupid, and I’m not referring to the car owner.

Bradley Manning wants to be a girl, and the gay blogs are now calling him/her “Chelsea” Manning.  I swear I will never understand why any guy would willingly give up a penis.

Speaking of military prisoners, just read this great opinion piece on Gitmo, written by the one and only John Grisham.

This is why you never talk about sex in front of your kids. Someone else’s kids, go for it!

Illinois has finally amended it’s litter laws to explicitly include cigarette butts. It’s a massive problem throughout the world, especially since they’re not biodegradable. Of course, I’m not holding my breath that the litter law changes will be enforced any more than all the other laws in Illinois, like the one requiring drivers to stop for pedestrians in mid-block crosswalks – even the police ignore that one.

A straight, female porn actor (that’s being generous) has been diagnosed with HIV. What is it with heterosexuals still thinking unprotected sex is acceptable? The gay porn industry has known for years that condoms are a must. (Though there are some studios that don’t use them, most do. The same cannot be said of straight porn.)

And speaking of condoms, Bill Gates wants you to invent a better one. He’ll even help pay for it.

I rarely write (or, really, care) about celebrities, but Lee Thompson Young’s suicide is a little sad. I confess to having a tiny bit of a crush on him, or, more precisely, his public persona à la Rizzoli & Isles.

Since I’m talking about celebrities, I like the way Wentworth Miller “came out” – a phrase I absolutely despise, as if we all have to shout it from the mountaintop.

Darwinian population control

A brief, but strong, storm knocked out the stop lights at a major intersection visible from my apartment, and I’ve been sitting on my balcony watching the traffic for about an hour now, fully expecting an accident. There have been several close calls, but no hits…yet.

I know these drivers know how to handle a four-way stop, but this is Chicago – no one likes to yield, especially cab drivers. They are the bane of my existence. That’s exaggerating a bit; there are much worse things in life, but cab drivers are right up there at the top. I’ve filed numerous complaints about bad cabbies, and I’ve even showed up at an administrative hearing to testify against one.

They’re not the only culprits on the road, though. It seems all of Chicago’s drivers have been transplanted from third-world countries. Or Italy. I’m not a stickler for rules, but around 3,000 pedestrians – and around half as many cyclists – are hit by cars every year in Chicago. As a confirmed pedestrian, I’ve had numerous near misses, and I absolutely refuse to ride a bicycle in this city.

A couple of years ago, the state passed a law requiring drivers to stop for pedestrians in mid-block crosswalks. Unfortunately, I’ve never seen the law enforced, and cops violate it as often as everyone else. It’s rare for drivers to actually stop, and the signs telling them to are barely noticeable. I’m convinced that my cause of death will eventually be “collision with cab” – I just hope I take out the cab driver in the process.

Before then, though, I’m going to keep watching that intersection and hoping for some excitement. The morning rush hour should be entertaining.

Apple + Porn = Divorce?

This baffles me. How can you sue Apple because you got addicted to porn and lost your marriage? I’m not sure the guy really thought this through. His name – Chris Sevier – is now forever linked to porn addiction. And we all know what he was doing last night…