Who are these people?

I live in a high-rise in downtown Chicago, just yards from an upscale hotel used more often for business than for pleasure.

My drapes are frequently open because, well, I live in a high-rise across the street from a hotel. The only people who are going to see me running around naked are strangers, people I’ll never meet. So why should I care?

Apparently, they have the same attitude. At least, many of them do. I’m frequently amazed by the number of exhibitionists who stay in this hotel. (I’ll leave what they do to your imagination.)

My insatiable curiosity makes me wonder about these people. Who are they? What do they do? Why are they staying in this hotel? Why do they want to be watched in their private moments?

I have answers – guesses – but I’m still curious. What makes a person an exhibitionist? What makes them do what they do? And why do they want to be watched?

My psychologist friend Stephanie probably has the answers – her focus is on human sexuality. I think I’ll shoot her an email, see what she has to say.